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USA Payment Services

Credit Card Processing

Millions of people across the United States use credit cards every day to pay for products and services, generating hundreds of billions of dollars in charge volume annually. Combined MasterCard and Visa transactions alone are a close second to the combined transactions of cash and checks.


For consumers, nothing could be easier or safer than paying with “plastic”. Consumers never have to worry about having enough cash to pay for a purchase, nor do they have to concern themselves with carrying significant sums of cash. Credit cards can be replaced if stolen, and their line of credit is protected against fraud. Cash, however, cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.


Because of the vast number of consumers using credit cards, no business can afford to exclude itself from this form of payment and the potential revenues and profits it brings. You can benefit by accepting credit cards from potential customers who are not carrying cash or checks.


We pride ourselves on providing merchants with the fastest, most efficient and secure credit card processing in the industry. For this reason, USA Payment Services only processes electronic credit card transactions. USA Payment Services registers and records each credit card transaction in the terminal and sends the transaction electronically to your financial institution, therefore reducing paperwork.

Becoming a USA Payment Services credit card merchant is simple. Merchants who meet Acceptance Guidelines can become approved — the same day their applications are received at headquarters. Typically, merchants who are only being reprogrammed can begin processing credit card transactions in 72 hours; those purchasing new equipment can process in 5 business days. Begin accepting credit cards today and watch your sales and profits increase. For more credit card processing information, please contact us.