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USA Payment Services

Debit & ATM Solutions

ATM, debit, and Visa/MasterCard check cards (debit for short) are credit card-like methods of payment. They differ from credit cards in that they are issued by a cardholder’s financial institution and provide direct access to the checking or savings account of the cardholder. As a merchant, you have the security and peace-of-mind of knowing that a transaction will not and cannot occur if the cardholder does not have the funds in their account to cover the transaction. Unlike a credit card transaction, there is a great reduction in the chance that the debit card transaction will be charged back because funds are directly withdrawn from the cardholders financial account. Also, this direct withdrawal of a cardholder’s funds creates a less costly transaction for us, thus creating a less expensive transaction for you.


With USA Payment Services Debit program, you can accept debit cards at zero percent from 14 of the country’s largest regional and national debit networks. Debit will open your business to consumers who neither possess credit cards nor like to carry large sums of cash.

Very little additional equipment is required to add debit card processing to your credit card processing. If you currently are processing credit cards, in most cases, you can just add a personal identification number (PIN) pad to your current terminal. In some rare instances, you may need to purchase a new terminal that is PIN pad compatible.